Panasonic TX-L19D28
Available in three colours, four screen sizes and equipped with LED backlighting and Viera Cast web connectivity

Panasonic is targeting the style conscious with its new range of Pure Line LED/LCD flatscreen TVs.

They're available in three colours – shiny purple, satin silver and silky white – and come in four screen sizes: 37in, 32in, 22in and 19in.

The two larger models are equipped with Freeview HD and Freesat tuners for high-definition viewing, and the smaller pair each include an integrated iPod dock.

All Pure Line models have edge LED backlighting, plus Viera Cast networking capability, allowing them to connect to the web and make video calls via Skype.

You also get Panasonic's Image Viewer for viewing your digital photos on the TV. Prices are around £875 for the TX-L37D28, £800 for the TX-L32D28, £550 for the TX-L22D28 and £470 for the TX-L19D28.

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