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iPhone 12 OLED display revealed in leaked image

iPhone 12 OLED display found in leaked image
(Image credit: 9to5Mac / Mr.White)

A recent photograph from a notable leaker appears to give a glimpse of the OLED screen for the upcoming Apple "iPhone 12". 

As noted by Apple Insider, the leaker, who has a solid track record, recently tweeted the picture (above) of what appears to be the inside view of a disassembled "iPhone 12", showing its OLED screen. The tweet has since been deleted.

The leaker, a Mr.White, is clearly a man of brevity, describing the image solely as "iPhone 12 OLED screen". While there was no clear way to estimate the size of the display shown, if it was indeed for the standard iPhone 12 as stated, (and not the anticipated 6.1in iPhone 12 Max, 6.1in iPhone 12 Pro or 6.7in iPhone 12 Pro Max) that would suggest this means a 5.4in OLED iPhone 12 screen.

To clarify, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max both feature OLED displays, but the iPhone 11 still uses an LCD panel. So, the "standard" 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro display and its smaller 5.4-in variant could well get an upgrade from LCD to OLED.

If the now-deleted leak proves genuine, it will be the first time that Apple’s entire flagship iPhone lineup features OLED screens. The iPhone X was the first iPhone to switch to an OLED display, but Apple also introduced contemporaneous LCD iPhones.

While all four expected models in the iPhone 12 range are rumoured to feature OLED screens, Apple Insider's report also claims that Samsung is believed to be manufacturing screens for the two higher-end handsets. The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are both predicted to include Super Retina XDR OLED screens with ProMotion and 10-bit Color Depth.

The leaker, Mr. White, has previously released early images of Apple's A14 chipset, and even a 20W power adapter, although that last claim is now disputed – more recent rumours suggest the new range won't come bundled with chargers at all. 

As always, such leaks are to be treated with a healthy dose of your preferred seasoning. That said, OLEDs across the board might seem more and more likely when it comes to the Cupertino giant's upcoming iPhone 12. Of course, we'll be updating you as and when concrete news from Apple comes in. 


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  • Friesiansam
    How is it possible to determine anything at all from that picture? Another non-story about a "leak", typical of all Future Publishing sites.

    Edit: Much clearer picture, still impossible to see if it is OLED...