NEWS: Supra mains block offers surge protection for your hi-fi or home cinema

At the risk of setting off yet another heated debate on our Forums, here's a new mains distribution block from Supra that's claimed to improve sound and picture quality on your hi-fi or home cinema system.

The Supra LoRad MD06-BS/SP will set you back £129.99, has an extruded aluminium chassis and multi-level, three-way surge protection to protect your equipment from damaging mains spikes and power surges.

The unit ships as a bare block with an IEC mains input socket, so that users can purchase the correct length of cables for their installation. It has six 13 amp sockets for connecting all your kit.

Supra supplies its LoRad 1.5 mains cable to go with the block in lengths of 1m, 1.5m, 2m and 4m. They're priced at £39.99, £44.99, £49.99 and £69.99 respectively.

The MD06 is equipped with Supra's new Non-Intrusive Filtering system, designed to block radio frequency inteference.

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Andy Clough

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