NEWS: SIM2 projector delivers grand specification

The 'Grand Cinema' C3X-E projector from SIM2 may be aimed at those with plenty of cash to splash, but it certainly has some impressive trickery inside its sleek frame to justify the price tag.

This projector is full-HD, 1080p compatible, and is compliant with high-def content at 24 frames per second. It uses true 10-bit video processing, and is a three-chip DLP design that can create a claimed 35 trillion colours on screen.

An impressive 250W lamp provides high brightness levels, while it boasts a contrast ratio of 6800:1. Two lens options are available with the C3X-E, allowing for flexibility in relation to positioning and room dimensions. In addition, SIM2's Live Colour Management allows complete control over colour temperature and accurate greyscale tracking.

The C3X-E is available for £13,000.