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NEWS: Revealed - more details of Onkyo's CBX-300 CD/tuner/iPod dock

It seems to be iPod dock day today. Having just reported on one new dock from Gear4 (below), up pops another one from Onkyo.

We first clapped eyes on Onkyo's CBX-300 at the Bristol Sound and Vision Show last month, but only had scant details. Now we can tell all.

It will cost £229 and has a slot-load CD mechanism that can play conventional CDs and CD-Rs encoded with MP3 and WMA files. iPods can be played back through the built-in dock, and there's a four-mode preset EQ function offering standard, dynamic 1, dynamic 2 and vocal settings.

Sound is provided courtesy of magnetically-shielded, full-range, bass-reflex 8cm OMF (Onkyo Micro Fibre) diaphragm speakers with Aero Acoustic drive for "a powerful and natural sound quality". There's also Active Bass Control to improve low-end performance.

The built in FM radio has a four-mode timer so you can set it to wake you up or send you to sleep at different times, and there's even a snooze setting.

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