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NEWS: Record live TV on your PC

Don't be thinking it's only Apple who has all the fun where computers are concerned. The Apple TV may have introduced many people to the idea of involving your PC in your home AV system, but Hauppauge has been plugging its own brand of products to do that for some time – such as the HVR-1400.

The latest bit of kit from the company is an ExpressCard TV tuner. This allows you to watch TV on your computer as well as recording content straight to your PC's hard drive. The HVR-1400 provides analogue and digital TV for your PC, providing it has the Windows XP, XP Media Center or Vista operating software.

Your computer will also need an ExpressCard slot – as most of the latest laptops have – in to which the HVR-1400 slides. Connect an aerial and you're ready to watch TV on your PC.

Bundled with the card is Hauppauge's WinTV 6 software and SoftPVR – the latter enabling you to pause and record live TV. You can also use the software to burn content to a DVD.

Sound good? The HVR-1400 can be yours for £80.