NEWS: PrimaLuna CD player runs on tube time

A valve-based Super Tube Clock sets the new ProLogue Eight CD player from Dutch manufacturer PrimaLuna apart from the pack.

Distributor Pistol Music suggests that, by incorporating a low-noise mini-triode valve into the digital clock, the new player, which sells for £1590, gains "exceptional jitter performance and a sound that combines clarity, space, pace, excellent timing and realistic dynamics in a thoroughly engaging musical package".

The new player is a dual-mono design, all the way back to its dual valve rectification in the power supply, which has eleven separate stages, and its design draws on that of the company's ProLogue Three preamplifier.

The player uses Burr-Brown upsampling and digital-to-analogue conversion, and provides standard analogue outputs alongside optical and electrical digital feeds.

It can be used with the array of valves on display, or with the quick-release tube cage fitted, and comes complete with an anodised brushed aluminium handset, built with rubber rings on each end to protect your furniture. The player itself is available in a choice of silver or black faceplates.

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