You might have seen this little gizmo last Christmas, but it's back again this year at John Lewis and PC World with a price cut from £75 to £60.

Just pop your iPod into the Ixos XMI608 Disco Cube (sorry, we didn't choose the name!) and the multi-coloured LEDs flash in time to the music.

It will also charge your iPod while it's playing, and can synchronise your iPod with a Mac or PC using a standard iPod/USB lead.

The Disco Cube is compatible with the 3G to 6G iPod range, and has a 3.5mm jack input so other MP3 devices can be connected to it.

Sound is provided by two side-firing speakers delivering 2.5 watts each, plus a 3 watt subwoofer.

And if all those flashing lights get too much for you, you can switch them off.

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