NEWS: Light up your iPod with the Ixos Disco Cube

You might have seen this little gizmo last Christmas, but it's back again this year at John Lewis and PC World with a price cut from £75 to £60.

Just pop your iPod into the Ixos XMI608 Disco Cube (sorry, we didn't choose the name!) and the multi-coloured LEDs flash in time to the music.

It will also charge your iPod while it's playing, and can synchronise your iPod with a Mac or PC using a standard iPod/USB lead.

The Disco Cube is compatible with the 3G to 6G iPod range, and has a 3.5mm jack input so other MP3 devices can be connected to it.

Sound is provided by two side-firing speakers delivering 2.5 watts each, plus a 3 watt subwoofer.

And if all those flashing lights get too much for you, you can switch them off.

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Andy Clough

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