News in brief: Tidal streaming, B&O Play headphones, Spotify Touch Preview

We start with Tidal in this week's news round-up. The lossless music-streaming service has attracted considerable attention since its launch late last year in both the UK and US.

Now the company is looking to capitalise on that good publicity.

Music lovers in five more European countries can now sign up to the service, after it launched in Ireland, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg (for a monthly fee of €20).

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New colours for BeoPlay H2s

B&O Play has announced that its BeoPlay H2 on-ear headphones can now be bought in two extra colours: deep-red and shaded-rosa, taking the number of finishes to five in total.

The £169 headphones have been "acoustically fine-tuned for a life on the move" and incorporate an adaptive headband-design that adjusts to your head after wearing them for a few minutes.

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Toshiba and smartclip sign smart-TV partnership

Toshiba has entered into a partnership with smartclip, a Hamburg-based company that'll deliver digital-video advertising campaigns on the home screens of Toshiba's smart devices.

Smartclip CEO Jean-Pierre Fumagalli said: "We offer a great benefit for Toshiba, while also offering the advertising industry the largest combined smart-TV coverage by far."

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Spotify unveils Touch Preview

Spotify has announced the introduction of a new feature designed to make it easier for you to find a playlist that suits your mood or occasion, without having to trawl through endless options.

By holding your finger down on the screen, Touch Preview will give you a sneak peek of a playlist, song, album or artist before you hit play. A left swipe will save it to your stored music.

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Blackberry calls for "content neutrality"

Blackberry has called on content providers (including video streaming service Netflix) to make themselves available on its operating system, with apps only currently available for iOS and Android devices.

The company says the lack of such apps has created a "two-tiered wireless broadband ecosystem" and now Blackberry is calling for greater application and content neutrality to benefit its customers.

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