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NEWS: The end of the line for Pioneer Kuro plasmas?

There is mounting speculation that Pioneer will soon end more than a decade of plasma production and instead use panels made by Matsushita, parent company of Panasonic.

The official announcement is expected to come this Friday, as part of Pioneer's review of its current business strategy.

For now, the company is making no further comment other than the statement it made previously that we reported on here.

RIP? Pioneer's Award-winning PDP-428XD plasma TV

The company is expected to switch to LCD technology for its 42in screens, using panels produced by Sharp, but retaining plasma for screens of 50in and above.

Pioneer has three factories in Japan producing plasma panels: one in Izumi, Kagoshima Prefecture, one in Chuo, Yamanashi Prefecture and at Fukoroi, Shizuoka Prefecture.

So if you want a current Kuro plasma, looks like you'll have to grab one fast. We'll keep you posted on developments as soon as we get them.

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