NEWS: Denon brings back budget hi-fi

Denon is returning to its hi-fi roots with the launch of the budget 500 Advanced Evolution series – the PMA-500AE hi-fi amplifier (£180), and matching DCD-500AE CD player (£160).

Both components are designed to offer high performance at low cost. The CD player has 192kHz/24-bit DACs, Denon’s own CD transport, and is solidly constructed to help reduce vibration. The CD transport is located at the centre of the chassis to balance the weight of the body, and the player’s transformer is positioned to keep leakage flux away from the audio circuit. Other features include an optical digital output and remote control.

The stereo amplifier delivers 45 watts per channel, has an MM phono stage, bass and treble controls and a Source Direct switch. The latter allows the signal to bypass the bass, treble, loudness and balance control circuits and maintain its purity for optimum sound quality.

Denon has equipped the PMA-500AE with its high-current, single push-pull circuit, a large-capacity power supply and audiophile-grade capacitors. The high-current transistor is claimed to have twice the capacity of conventional transistors so it can handle the peaks and troughs of current supply more easily.

In addition, Denon says the amp’s frequency response of up to 100kHz enables it to handle the wide dynamic range of DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD.

Both the amp and CD player are available in silver and black. We’ll be testing them just as soon as we can.

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Andy Clough

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