NEWS: Cambridge Audio's heavyweight pre/power amplifier

Launched at the German High End Show, currently running in Munich, this is the Cambridge Audio Azur 840E and 840W, a pre-power combination designed as the peak of the company's 840 series.

Due in the shops in the next couple of months, the 840E preamp will sell for £750, while the stereo 200Wpc power amp, the 840W, which can be bridged to create a 500W mono amp, will be £1000.

The remote control preamp, which has eight inputs, two of which are available on balanced connections, uses new Cambridge-designed 'Terrapin' amplifier modules, fully discrete input switching using relays and a resistor-ladder/relay attenuator for volume control.

The level of individual inputs can be adjusted, or the level can be fixed for use in AV systems, and the preamp also has balanced outputs, extensive connectivity for control in a custom installation, and iPod control via a dock.

The power amp, meanwhile, uses the latest generation of Cambridge Audio's Class XD circuitry, a very large transformer with separate taps for each channel, and is designed as a dual-mono unit.

It can be used as a stereo amp, switched to power one channel in a biamp set-up, or bridged, and has both RCA phono and balanced XLR inputs.

Like the preamp, it will be available in either silver or black.

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