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NEWS: Arcam's best ever stereo amplifiers?

We're used to bold, dramatic claims on press releases, and here's another one: Arcam set-out to make these the best stereo amps the company has ever created.

Considering the integrated amp and power amp in question have now made it on to the market, we can only presume Arcam's happy with the results.

That means the £800 FMJ P38 power and the £1200 FMJ A38 (above) integrated have a not inconsiderable amount of hype to live up to...

Having once again got down to the nitty gritty of amplifier design, Arcam claims to have introduced a number of new technologies aimed at specifically eliminating "thermal modulation of audio signals" or more simply, we guess, the internal changes in temperature of your electronics.

So we have new components and new power supplies tasked with, amongst other things, keeping the unit's temperature stable.

Arcam also claims an ultra-wide band design aimed at dealing with high resolution formats such as SACD, while there are new interanal pre-amps, as trickled down from the high-end Arcam C31.

Both the A38 integrated amp and the P38 power amp (above) offer 105 watts of power per channel, and is available now in a black or silver finish.

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