New Soul Electronics headphones track how you're moving

CES2018 is stock full of headphones: some have OLED screens, some are splash-proof, some cancel out noise... and now they can track your running speed too.

Soul Electronics today announced two new headphones - the Blade (left) and the Run Free Pro (right) - which are powered by the Beflex Biomech Engine. This can monitor how you run and provide "real-time coaching to maximize running performance and minimize potential injury".

Both headphones measure (among other things) speed, distance, cadence, maximum leg force and balance, to keep track of your running style. Thankfully, both are sweat- and water-resistant too.

All your running data is collected through an analyist app for iOS and Android, which will likely sync with your Apple Health or Google Fit apps too.

One thing that sets them apart, though - apart from their design - is that the Blade run Bluetooth 5 while the Run Free Pro make do with the Bluetooth 4 codec. Bluetooth 5 is twice as fast as Bluetooth 4 and can send eight times as much data.

While we don't have a release date for each yet, the Run Free Pro will set you back $150 (£110) while the Blade is $250 (£185).


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