New issue out now: 4K vs 8K, OLED vs QLED – it's the ultimate TV showdown!

New August issue of What Hi-Fi? out now!

Do you need to know, once and for all, the actual difference between OLED and QLED – and what this really means in terms of viewer experience? Trying to work out whether 8K is worthy of the hype? Your search for truth ends the moment you grab the latest copy of What Hi-Fi? – in other words, it ends today my friend. 

Working on a dream 

What Hi-Fi? new issue – out today!

This month we're kicking things off with Sony's new 85in 8K behemoth, we'll tell you whether delving deep into your sky-rockets to pit yourself right on the cutting-edge of TV tech is really worth it. Believe it or not, the KD-85ZG9 we went 12 rounds with for this issue even has an even bigger, 98in brother. It costs £85,000. We'll just leave that thought with you... 

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Game, set and match

New issue of What Hi-Fi? August 2019 out now!

Guiding your imaginations carefully back down to earth – but only for a moment – our Clash of the Titans special lets you stand back and watch as three flagship TVs, from a trio of heavyweight manufacturers, go head-to-head. 

These 65 inch TVs are all under £4,000, but which model will be the one to hold its sword aloft and shout, "I command Olympus. Remember who you serve!"? 

Setting the 'bar

New issue of What Hi-Fi? out now!

Obviously it's not all TVs in this issue – hi-fidelity sound remains as close to our hearts as grass-court tennis is to Roger Federer. Our extensive First Tests section this month includes two turntables, namely the Dual CS 505-4 and Sony PS-LX310BT, the Audiolab M-DAC nano, the SoundMagic E11BT in-ear headphones and the Devialet Phantom Reactor 600 wireless speaker, to name but a few.

There are also TV speakers. We've done all the time-consuming research for you, lining up a selection of soundbars and soundbases that belong to a very select and special group – all of them (from brands like Sonos, Q Acoustics and Dali) are five-star specials.

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Sonically great, bar none

What Hi-Fi new issue August 2019 out now!

Soundbars not really your thing? No worries. Our Erasing the Bar feature offers five speaker system alternatives, proving that whatever your price range there's a speaker option for you. 

For our Insider section this month, we've spoken at length with an industry legend, former Marantz designer Ken Ishwata. We talk about his 40-year service to the brand, the KI product development process, his music file preferences – and his enduring hi-fi show celebrity status. 

Wired for sound

New issue of What Hi-Fi August 2019 out now!

Upgrading the cables you're using to hook up your speakers could make a huge difference to your hi-fi system's overall performance. This particular aspect of hi-fi isn't perhaps as captivating as beautiful record players or brushed aluminium power amps, but they can be every bit as crucial and provide a good value investment to boost your system.

Towers of power

New issue of What Hi-Fi? August 2019 out now!

How about a pair of four-figure floorstanders? We took the Acoustic Energy AE309, Bowers & Wilkins 603, Fyne Audio F501 and Neat Iota Alpha speakers for a spin this month. Each pair did its very best to win over our hearts, and each has something to offer the right set up. But there has to be a winner. Find out in this month's issue.

Retro fabulous

New issue of What Hi-Fi? August 2019 out now!

Our Temptations section features some pretty expensive kit, but it's important to note here that one isn't obliged to order simply because one has perused the menu. Amongst the delectable offerings featured this month are JBL's L100 Classic speakers (check out the fabulously retro orange foam grille) and the Sony VPL-VW870ES projector.

On top of all this, we orchestrated a deep dive on BBC iPlayer's 4K content, and of course included our definitive guide to the best home entertainment your money can buy, in our regularly updated Buyer's Guide. 

If you need us, we'll be in front of a massive 4K TV... 

You can subscribe or buy the latest issue here, or buy the digital edition on iPhone, iPadAndroid devices or Kindle edition

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