If you're waiting for more content for your new 4K TV purchase, you'll be glad to hear that the latest update to the Netflix app for Android TV now supports 4K Ultra HD TV and movies.

This means that the latest 2015 TVs with the Android TV platform, including the Sony 2015 TVs launched at CES at the start of the year, should now have access to Netflix 4K.

It will also be available on the forthcoming Nvidia Shield 4K set-top box and, presumably, the Philips Android TV sets for 2015.

The upgraded Netflix app also supports Dolby Digital Plus pass-through, allowing you to send surround sound from your TV to AV receiver over HDMI.

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Netflix 4K content had previously been limited to selected smart TVs with the Netflix 4K Ultra HD app on their own smart platform. Now the app is available via the Google Play store on the Android TV platform, which should mean 4K content is available on more devices soon.

We've taken delivery of our first 2015 Sony TVs, so look out for our first reviews of these Android TV sets very soon.

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Yautja_Warrior's picture

Sony KD-55X8509C

Should be getting my Sony Bravia KD-55X8509C in the next day or two, so the update has come just right for me to try out 4k Netflix now. Will update once I've tried it.

bigdavemc's picture

Panasonic ?

I was under the impression that most Panasonic 4k models will also support Netflix 4k but no mention of them on here?

Can you confirm that?

Andy Clough's picture

Panasonic Netflix 4K

Some of the Panasonic 2015 4K sets needed an upgrade to handle Netflix 4K, which is why they have been slow to come through. The first one we've tested is the Panasonic TX-40CX680B which is Netflix compatible.

Yautja_Warrior's picture

Sony 55X850C

Ok so got my new TV and it is excellent so far, but no Netflix app? Did the system update to the latest version and checked the app store but no Netflix anywhere to be found.

Is it just in the US at the moment and not reached UK yet?

Cheyser Herrera's picture

Suggestions for Sony

Netflix app, Hulu and BBC is great on Android TV. If live outside USA, you can use tools like UnoTelly to get Netflix app, Hulu and BBC on your Android TV.