Neat Acoustics' Momentum Jet speakers promise to give your hi-fi setup a rocket boost

Momentum Jet range
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British-based hi-fi brand Neat Acoustics has launched a two-strong Momentum Jet series. Initially comprising one standmount and one floorstander, the new range is based on the company's flagship Ultimatum range and seeks to incorporate high-end engineering and components into a more affordable line.

The Momentum Jet speakers use MDF cabinets, instead of the Finnish birch ply utilised by the flagship range, and incorporate a new "JET" AMT tweeter which replaces the brand's established soft dome super-tweeter arrangement. Both models use Neat's bespoke isobaric bass loading technique which, it says, provides "exceptionally extended and well-defined low frequencies". 

The Momentum J-S standmount is billed as a more compact, streamlined version of the company's Ultimatum XLS speaker, with a two-way design housing a tweeter alongside a 17cm bass/midrange driver. The speaker's rear port, meanwhile, features an acoustic filter designed to restrict airflow to the speaker and aid in the control and tautness of the lower frequencies.

The Momentum J-S's crossovers, meanwhile, utilise point-to-point connections, with "premium audiophile quality components" such as polypropylene capacitors and low-loss inductors. While the J-S are designed specifically for smaller rooms, Neat claims they are also comfortable filling larger spaces with the ease of a larger floorstanding model.

Neat Acoustics Momentum Jet-S

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Speaking of floorstanders, meet the Momentum J-6. The J-6 utilise a 2.5-way design which apes that of the flagship Neat Ultimatum XL6 floorstanders, with an AMT tweeter and midrange/bass driver housed in the upper section of each cabinet while two downward-facing 17cm units take care of the lowest frequencies. 

Like all Neat loudspeakers, the crossover components are all hard-wired, with point-to-point connections aiming for maximised sonic integrity. As is the case with their standmount siblings, the J-6 utilise premium components and materials in a bid to bring flagship technologies into a more affordable package.

While less expensive than these newer models, the recently reviewed Neat Petite Classic standmounts wowed us with their energetic, peppy and endlessly musical sonic characteristics. Here's hoping Neat has brought a little of that spark and spirit to its costlier Momentum Jet line too.

The two Momentum Jet speakers will be available from September, with the standmount J-S costing £4995 and the J-6 floorstanders launching at £9995 (further regional prices pending). 


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  • sg1410
    £4995 for a pair of standmounters.

    Yeah, very affordable...
  • Hifiman
    I assumed the £4995 was a misprint because these new speakers are ‘based on the company's flagship Ultimatum range …….and seeks to incorporate high-end engineering and components into a more affordable line’, but when I clicked on the link to the WHF review of the Ultimatum XLS they cost £4,500 in 2012.
    Except it appears these speakers now cost nearer £8,000 in 2024. Crikey.