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The brand-new NAC-N 272 is a high-grade, all-in-one preamplifier and hi-res streaming engine. It also sees Naim include DSD file support for the first time.

Those with files on network-attached storage can take advantage of the Naim's UPnP hi-res streaming, while Spotify Connect and aptX Bluetooth enhance the NAC-N 272's credentials.

There's also vTuner internet radio, an Apple-compatible USB input and a number of optical and coaxial digital inputs. A built-in headphone amplifier completes a thorough feature set.

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File support includes FLAC and WAV all the way up to 24-bit/192kHz, but the big news is that the NAC-N 272 is the first Naim product to support DSD (DSF 64 & DFF 64). These can be played over a network via UPnP, or through the Naim's compatible digital inputs.

Owners of existing Naim kit aren't going to miss out either - DSD support will be rolled out to compatible products, such as the SuperUniti, ND5XS, NDX and NDS, just as soon as Naim has finished all the relevant testing.

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Under the bonnet, the NAC-N 272 features a jitter-reducing SHARC processor, isolated analogue and digital sections, floating circuit boards and a volume control derived from the company's £135,000 Statement set-up.

As is the case with a number of Naim's products, the NAC-N 272 is upgradeable by partnering with an external power supply. The '272 is compatible with Naim's XP5 XS, XPS and 555 PS.

The Naim NAC-N 272 streaming preamp goes on sale in March for £3300, or £3595 if you want the optional DAB+/FM module fitted.

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Andrew17321's picture

Internet radio and BBC HD Streaming

About a week ago, The BBC changed the format it uses for HD internet radio.  Older Naim products (along with Sonos, Linn, and other quality audio equipment) seem to be unable to cope with the new BBC formats.  Can the NAC-N 272 receive these new formats, or is it already out-of-date?

(I believe that The BBC has behaved outrageously by dropping its simple AAC HD streaming, but we may have to live with it.)


Andy Clough's picture

Internet radio

Hi Andrew, this is a hot topic at the moment and one I am currently investigating. I will check with Naim and report back.

Andy Clough's picture

BBC radio streaming

Naim has issued a comprehensive statement regarding all its streaming products and the changes to BBC internet radio. You can read it in our news story.