Naim Audio continues to celebrate its 50th in style with the release of 300 Series hi-fi separates

Naim 300 Series
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Naim’s birthday celebrations are in full swing. To mark the middle-aged milestone, the British audio company has already unveiled the new Classic series for streamers and record spinners earlier this year at CES 2023. And now at High End Munich show, Naim has revealed even more stablemates for its Classic product range with the new 300 Series, featuring (deep breath): the NSS 333 music streamer, the NAC 332 pre-amplifier, the NAP 350 monoblock power amplifier, the NVC TT phono stage and the NPX TT power supply. 

Naim also revealed a special limited edition Nait 50 integrated amplifier, a remaster of the much-loved Nait 1 model originally released in 1983, although this isn't part of the 300 Series. 

Let’s have a look at those new additions to the Naim family in more detail. First up is the NSS 333, a high-resolution network streamer that supports top-rate file formats from UPnP devices and multiple streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Qobuz

Playback is made easy, too, thanks to support for Apple AirPlay 2, built-in Chromecast and high-quality Bluetooth, and the NSS 333 also works with a range of other Naim streaming products, including the Uniti and the Mu-so systems. As you might expect, Naim suggests the 333 as “the perfect partner” for the NAC 332 preamp and NAP 250 or NAP 350 power amps.

Next up is the NAC 332, a high-end analogue pre-amplifier which Naim says is the "closest preamplifier design to the Naim Statement S1". It allows the connection of headphones and the NVC TT phono stage for vinyl playback for what Naim promises is its most adaptable pre-amp ever. Optimised circuit topology, meanwhile, gives enhanced performance from all sources.

Under the hood, the NAC 332 boasts a pure class A headphone amp and high-quality components for improved audio quality. Naim suggests combining the 332 with the NSS 333 streamer and NAP 350 power amp, or upgrading performance entirely by incorporating the NPX 300 power supply, which was announced last year alongside the 200 Series.

Naim NSS 333 Front View

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Speaking of the NAP 350, Naim’s new power amplifier offers a “state-of-the-art 175W mono-block design” for tailored capability across a range of loudspeakers. An internal cooling system allows you to choose where you place the NAP 350, and high current delivery, which peaks at 1.7kW into low impedances, drives the speakers. 

Naim bills the 350 as a “versatile solution” that can become a mono and multiple amp solution, too.

What if you want to integrate vinyl into your ever-growing Naim nest of devices? Fear not, as Naim’s latest combo – the NVC TT MM/MC phono stage and NPX TT power supply – is here to enhance your listening pleasure. Both are derived from Naim's first turntable package, the Naim Solstice Special Edition.

The NVC TT is fully compatible with moving magnet cartridges and can connect to the NSC 222 and NAC 332 without much fuss. It’s also fully customisable to a moving coil cartridge if you prefer, offering 16 selectable resistive values and 16 selectable capacitive values to tailor to your MC cartridge's specifications.

Put them all together and the Classic 300 Series should provide you with the best that Naim has to offer from its various hi-fi separates. With a release date scheduled for June, the pricing for the 300 Series separates are as follows: 

NSS 333: £7900/ $10,999/ €9,000
NAC 332: £7900/ $10,999/ €9,000
NAP 350: £12,000/ $16,998/ €14,000 per pair
NVC TT: £2,699 /$3699/ €4,000
NPX TT: £2,699/ $3000/ €3,000


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