NAD's new purist pre/power amp hits the shops next month


The £600 C165BEE preamp draws on the design of the company's high-end Masters Series, while the £750 C275BEE power amp (pictured) delivers 2x150W as standard, and can be bridged to create a 400W mono amplifier.

The preamp has an MC/MM input with three-position resistance and capacitance loading for phono cartridges, an upgraded headphone amp, and is built on a heavy gauge steel chassis.

With an eye to eco-credentials, NAD also points out that it draws less than one Watt in standby mode.

The preamp is capable of that 150W per channel continuous output into either 8ohm or 4ohm loads, is designed for extremely low distortion, has a new Automated Turn-On system, and again draws less than 1W in standby.

Both products will be in the shops in February.