Add-on modules allow upgrading, while tweaks to power supply reduce power consumption on NAD's latest hi-fi amp

NAD has adopted its Modular Design Construction (MDC) for the new C356BEE amplifier, on sale now for £600.

What this means in practice is that owners can add optional modules (such as the PP375 phono stage) to upgrade the amp as and when they want.

In standard form, it delivers 2 x 80W, has a preamp out, improved speaker binding posts, a front panel mini jack for connecting an iPod or MP3 player, tone controls and a remote.

"Sonically transparent" sealed reed relay switches are used for all inputs, a redesigned power supply is said to reduce standby power consumption to 0.5W and there's even a "vacation switch" to save energy while you're away from home – an on/off button to you and me.

NAD says its PowerDrive amplifier circuit provides the C356BEE with "the dynamic capability of an amplifier twice as powerful, while using only half the power".

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NAD's director of advanced development, Bjorn Eric Edvardsen (the "BEE" in the model name), says he's incorporated knowledge gained from the development of the company's flagship Masters Series M3 amplifier into the design of the C356BEE.

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