Multi-room without wires – our November 2014 issue is on sale now

Our cover article features six multi-room music systems looking to make a big impression in a market that has become more and more competitive in the last few months, thanks to the efforts of big brands and new names on the scene.

And don't let the lack of wires fool you – these are serious set-ups, with plenty of features to distinguish one competitor from the other. The test also asks a significant question – is Sonos still the king of the multi-room system? Read the magazine to find out the answer...

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That's not all from us this month.

Finding a good 32in TV for as little as £200 this time last year was unheard of. But we've found seven screens that show just how much things have changed – not only in design and features, but in their price tags too.

Our November Supertest pits the seven against one another, including two from price-competitive brands such as Polaroid and Finlux, to find out how smart these 32in sets have become and - just as importantly – which one is right for your home.

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Are you looking to upgrade your speakers? Are you wondering if it is really worth splashing out on £2000 standmounters? If they are as good as the stereo speakers we cast our eye over this month, it might just be worth saving up.

We have four premium standmounters from some of the biggest manufacturers in the business and it's a test that'll sort the men from the boys. Bowers & Wilkins, Dali, PMC and Spendor – which one will emerge triumphant?

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Projector prices are heading in one direction – down. Setting up your first home cinema system has become less expensive, so which one of the four we've tested will be best suited to your needs?

Meanwhile, a quality pair of in-ear headphones can be hard to find. Instead of going round in circles in your search, let us help, as we scour far and wide to find out which one of six pairs tested could well become your favourite buds.

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Our First Tests include an exclusive look at the high-tech, high-performance speaker package from Bowers & Wilkins, as well as a Humax YouView box that is exactly the sort of follow-up we enjoy. We also have some impressive wireless cans from Philips.

The Temptations looking for your affection this month include the PMC Twenty 26 floorstanders and the Benchmark DAC2 HGC DAC/headphone amplifier. Meanwhile, Insider brings you the best products and trends from IFA 2014 in Berlin.

With all that and more besides, the November 2014 issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision can be your guiding light in the increasingly dark evenings. Pick up your copy today from your newsagent, or alternatively buy a digital copy online.

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