Monitor Audio adds luxury subwoofer for its style speaker ranges

Monitor Audio AW-12

The subwoofer uses custom components throughout, including a 30cm front-firing C-CAM metal/ceramic hybrid drive unit driven by a 500W Class D amplifier. The company says that this amp works together with the sub's high-efficiency switch-mode power supply to deliver full power continuously if required, making it "equal to most other subwoofers rated at 1000 watts.

"This means that even in the largest rooms, the AW-12 is able to perform cleanly, dynamically and with profound effect over extended periods of listening."

The sub uses a sealed enclosure for easier room-matching and positioning, has top-mounted volume and equalisation adjustments, and comes in gloss black or white metal-flecked lacquers, with aluminium side trims.

A 12V trigger input is provided to give automatic on/off switching with a suitable receiver, and the spiked feet come with removable heavy-duty rubber covers for use on wood floors.