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Modern British Audio Company launches Status amplifier

The high-end Status amp is a dual mono design, complete with a Bluetooth 4.0 receiver, DAC and preamp.

First previewed at the Bristol Sound & Vision Show, the Modern British Audio Company (or MBAco, as the company uses as shortform) aims to deliver the performance benefits of a pre/power amp but in a single-box solution.

Two separate monoblocs deliver 170 watts per channel to the preamp. The preamp and DAC sections are fed by analogue and digital power supplies.

Bluetooth connectivity allows for streaming from Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Inputs come in the form of three phono inputs, one balanced XLR input and one 3.5mm input. There are also left, right and subwoofer preamp outputs, XLR and single phono outputs, and power amp left and right outputs.

There's an RS232 connection for home installations and the Status amplifier comes with a remote control, too.

The MBAco Status is on sale now for £6295. See the MBAco website for more details.

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