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Metallica launches Vinyl Club ahead of Record Store Day 2020

Metallica launches Vinyl Club ahead of Record Store Day 2020
(Image credit: Metallica)

Not long now 'til the most important date in every vinyl-lover's 2020 diary, 18th April. The event? Record Store Day, and one legendary L.A. heavy metal institution has decided it's high time to Jump in the Fire

Master of Puppets Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield et al have launched an exclusive Metallica Vinyl Club, and from 4th-18th March doors are open.

For the princely sum of  $49.99, you could be One of the club's inaugural members, making you a Hero of the Day. You could also gift the subscription to a fellow music-lover of course; help them Ride the Lightning. 

Memberships are now available for purchase, but once that enrollment window closes, that's it. Don't want to be a Harvester of Sorrow? Well, Mama Said sign up soon.

The Met store says each annual subscription contains:

- Four vinyl records, including rare cuts, demos and rough mixes plus live rarities

- 33 1/3 rpm (small hole 7" vinyl)

- Digital download card

- Personalised membership card

In addition, select releases throughout the year (although not all four) will include additional collectibles such as exclusive stickers, picks or even posters.

You can also choose to receive four separate shipments per year (and get each record as soon as it is released) or one combined shipment per year (and get all four records at the end of the year, when the final one is released).

You could Welcome Home your first shipment of rare Metallica vinyl in just a few weeks. And Nothing Else Matters.


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