Marantz 7003 SACD player and amp hit the shops

Marantz SA7003

The £450 SA7003 (illustrated) builds on previous models with the use of faster, lower noise and lower impedance symmetrical circuits with higher quality parts, while shorter signal paths minimise signal degradation.

The player uses Cirrus Logic's CS4398 24-bit/192kHz Delta Sigma conversion with support for DSD, high-grade electrolytic film capacitors and rectification by Shottky barrier diodes, plus the famous Marantz Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules, here in their latest Current Feedback HDAM SA-2 version.

The transport mechanism has an ultra-rigid Zylon loader, and the whole player is built on the company's all-metal dual-layer M1 chassis, with a three-piece aluminium/fibreglass front panel to further damp down vibration.

The matching PM7003 amplifier, selling for £400 and delivering 2x70W, is of a dual-mono design, with short, direct and mirror imaged signal paths.

It employs proprietary Current Feedback amplification, again using the HDAMs, a large toroidal power supply and Marantz's Linear Drive Power Supply (LDPS), which the company says "ensures there is always enough power available to drive speakers even with the very highest dynamics."

he preamp, power amp and volume control sections are separated and extensively shielded in their own enclosures to prevent cross-talk and other unwanted interference, and the amp is again built on that M1 chassis design.

Both products are available now.