Loewe's biggest OLED TV yet is as stylish and expensive as you'd expect

Loewe bild i.77 dr+ OLED TV mounted on the floor to ceiling pole stand
(Image credit: Loewe)

Luxury lifestyle technology brand Loewe has launched its biggest OLED TV yet, and it has an equally large price tag to match. The bild i.77 dr+ is a 77-inch OLED that features an impressive spec list and Loewe's signature luxury design, but is it a good TV?

Starting with the panel, it appears to be a standard OLED likely from LG Display. It supports HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG as well as a 4K resolution, all fairly standard affairs; we, in fact, wouldn't be surprised if it is the same panel found in either last year's LG G2 or this year's LG C3. That being said, many TVs share panels but offer different performances, and Loewe is promising high contrast and a wide colour spectrum, resulting in a "natural, harmonious picture with pinpoint accuracy."

Moving onto the TV's sound, there is a hidden soundbar built into the TV's frame, although Loewe hasn't shared much regarding the speaker arrangement of performance. It instead points to its existing range of home cinema speakers and soundbars, including the 553, 551 and Klang series of soundbars and subwoofers. What we do know is that the TV has an eARC connection and that it supports Dolby Atmos, meaning it'll play nicely with any Dolby Atmos soundbar that you hook it up to. 

It also features an impressive list of wireless music connectivity options, including Apple AirPlay, DTS Play-Fi and Google Chromecast, which means it can be integrated into a Loewe Klang mr multiroom speaker system if you have one. 

Speaking of features, the TV comes with a 1TB hard drive built in, which allows you to pause, rewind and record live TV natively. You also get voice controls via the microphones on the remote, meaning you can open apps and navigate the system without lifting a finger. Loewe has also included all the important native apps that we like to see on modern smart TVs, like Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video.

Rounding things off with arguably the biggest reason to opt for a Loewe TV, is the unique design. Loewe TVs are all about style, and the bild i.77 dr+ is no exception; featuring a design that impresses in a full 360 degree view. The back panel is lacquered and adorned with fabric-covered, and there's even a magnetic cable routing cover so no ugly wires can distract from the TV's admittedly sleek and attractive build. It's also very versatile when it comes to installation, as it can be mounted flush to a wall with Loewe's tiltable wall mount, set free standing using a pedestal-style floor stand, or placed on a floor-to-ceiling style pole stand which can be height adjusted to fit various room sizes.

So, we mentioned the price earlier, but how much will it cost exactly? Brace yourselves; the Loewe bild i.77 dr+ has a recommended retail price of £5999 - ouch. To put it into context, the 77-inch LG C2 OLED is currently retailing for £2999, and if you're after a 2023 model you can pick up a 77-inch LG C3 OLED or Sony A80L for £3999. This Loewe is certainly aimed at the demographic that wants their TVs to match their interior design with luxurious materials and styling, just as long as they're willing to pay for it of course.


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Lewis Empson
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  • Friesiansam
    What Hi-Fi? said:
    Loewe's biggest OLED TV yet is as stylish and expensive as you'd expect
    Stylish? It's a black rectangle, just like all the others...
  • Mr. C Nation
    It's got a fabric covered backside! Which not even the cleaner will see.

    And some sort of cable tidy arrangements! And a pole mounting so you can watch it while you levitate 2.5m above floor level!

    They have taken another leaf from the Dyson book of absurd, pointless features at ridiculously excessive prices. The people who buy this stuff deserve to be parted from their money.

    It reminds me of the stories of a certain footballer - 'The Potato' - paying people to get him a pack of cigarettes with a £50 note - and keep the change,