Linn serves up super savings on its Majik and Selekt all-in-one streamer-amps

DSM trade-in
(Image credit: Linn)

Advance Audio, the distributor in Australia of the legendary Linn brand from Scotland, has announced significant savings to be made via trade-in on its integrated Majik DSM and Selekt DSM streaming solutions.  

The special deal allows you to trade-in any amplifier or streamer against the price of one of the three powered Linn DSM network music players below, to get the special pricing.

Full details and the form to access the deal can be found here.

Linn’s state-of-the-art modular Network Music Players

The three Linn players subject to the special offer are the latest in the line of network music players from this Scottish company famous for its LP12 Sondek turntables, as well as its early realisation that streaming was the technology of the future. 

Just as the LP12 raised vinyl replay to new heights in the 1970s, Linn’s digital music players are the 21st-century high watermark of digital playback. With Studio Master quality streaming and an unmatched versatility through modular expansion, the three players available through the trade-in offer all come with the amplification modules included, making them genuine just-add-speakers solutions.

DSM trade-in

(Image credit: Linn)

1: Linn Majik DSM Integrated

Network music player, pre-amp and power amp all in one, with built-in phono stage, internal HDMI switcher, and further options available via optional modules. RRP: AU$5995

With trade-in, this is now available for AU$4700.

2: Linn Selekt DSM Integrated

The next step above the Majik platform in sound quality, again a stereo all-in-one standalone streamer, pre-amp and power amp which can be expanded through further modules. RRP: AU$9995. 

With trade-in, this is now available for AU$7900.

3: Linn Selekt DSM Integrated with Katalyst

The top model in the trade-in deal, the addition of Linn’s Katalyst DAC technology  raises the audio performance of this version of Selekt DSM still further over the standard Integrated. 

This is the version we reviewed in Audio Esoterica magazine, when we concluded: “The Selekt DSM is an undoubted high-water mark in the development of Linn’s streaming products. It makes Linn’s front-end far easier to use with non-Linn speakers, while the external design and that top knob make its appearance more friendly to a wider base of customers too – less technical-industrial than previous designs. 

"Meanwhile its modularity using upgrade ‘cartridges’ means that it is not only customisable to your initial needs, it is potentially future-proofed against changing needs and tech. In particular it is the ability to add amplifiers to the base-level streaming pre-amp which is entirely new and makes this a product that can transcend categories, as well as offering a compact and powerful single-unit solution. Some day, and soon, we reckon, all Linn’s network players will be made this way…” 

The Linn Selekt DSM Integrated with Katalyst has an RRP of AU$12,495. With trade-in, this is now available for AU$9900.

Full details and the form to access the deal can be found here.

Remember, the offer runs from 6 September to 31 October 2021.

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