Linn announces new high-end network music player

Linn has announced a new music player, the Kilmax DS, which according to the company, is the first product to feature the Katalyst digital-to-analogue platform.

The player features a new "ultra-low distortion" output driver, making it less susceptible to noise and degradation, as well as independent power supplies to avoid interference and also lower distortion.

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Linn has also made changes to the Kilmax's data optimisation stage, with a focus on minimising errors at the start of the process. There's also an improved reference level "completely isolated from noise", and a better master clock.

The Klimax DS and DSM are available in black or silver finishes, priced £15,800 and £18,900 respectively. Current owners can also upgrade their existing players to the DS for £3850 or the DSM for £4200.

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