Libratone unveils new Zipp and Zipp Mini wireless speakers

Libratone has updated and expanded its excellent Zipp line-up with an all-new Zipp speaker and a brand-new Zipp Mini - a smaller version of the popular wireless speaker.

The Zipp Mini is aimed at a younger audience, with the compact size making it more portable than the full-sized Zipp. Both have the exact same features, with the one exception being power rating: the Mini clocks in at 60W, while the Zipp is a claimed 100W.

Along with built-in wi-fi, Bluetooth, DLNA and AirPlay, the Zipps now feature Libratone's new multi-room feature: SoundSpaces. This feature, present in both Zipp and Zipp Mini, lets you connect as many as six Zipp speakers in any combination through wi-fi. Libratone claims it's the first company to offer a multi-room feature that lets you move the speakers around while being linked, instead of them remaining stationary like a conventional multi-room set-up.

"Today's consumers expect their sound to be ever-present, portable and flexible," says Libratone CEO Jan McNair. "The new generation of Zipp speakers feature SoundSpace Link, which lets you connect up to six speakers via wi-fi and place them anywhere, in any room, and move them around as you wish. It's an exciting addition to the audio market, and we are proud to be the first to provide it."

The speakers can be linked together using the redesigned Libratone app, which will available on Android and iOS.

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The Zipp itself has had a redesign, with a new touch-sensitive control sending haptic feedback as you change volume, store and select preset radio stations, and more. Libratone has also used their own components (rather than off-the-shelf solutions) for the wi-fi and Bluetooth features.

Most noticeably, the zip-up Italian wool covers that we liked so much (and which gave the Zipps their name) have been swapped for a more durable mesh fabric. The covers are still available in a range of colours: Cloudy Grey, Deep Lagoon, Graphite Grey and Victory Red.

Three extra covers - Atlantic Deep, Signal and Sangria - can be bought for £20 each.

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Libratone's 360 FullRoom Sound technology is once again present in both speakers, and you can adjust sound modes and more using the updated app. Other new features include support for Spotify Connect and Apple Music. Battery life is a reported 8-10 hours.

The Libratone Zipp (£220) and the Zipp Mini (£180) will be available from 22nd October on the Libratone website, and in stores at John Lewis from November.

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