LG's 2021 soundbars will be designed to work best with LG TVs

LG's 2021 soundbars will be designed to work best with LG TVs
(Image credit: LG)

Back in January, LG announced a full suite of eight soundbars to go with its new OLED Evo and QNED TVs for 2021. The range includes the flagship SP11RA, which boasts 7.1.4 channels, including up-firing drivers in its rear speakers.

Now, the South Korean tech giant has announced further details of its 2021 soundbar range, including enhanced functionality with LG TVs and some eco-friendly features.

The 2021 range will all be compatible with the AI Sound Pro feature of LG TVs, enabling audio from the TV to be played through the soundbar via ‘TV Sound Mode Share’. This should let users combine the enhanced processing of the TV with the more capable speakers of the new soundbars. LG’s soundbars will also now offer all of the same sound modes as its latest TVs for easier switching between soundbar and TV.

Continuing its relationship with British hi-fi specialist Meridian Audio, all of LGs 2021 soundbars include Meridian Audio tuning and a new feature, Meridian Horizon technology, which the company says will 'up-mix' two-channel stereo content into multi-channel audio to provide a more immersive listening experience.

All 2021 models will be hi-res audio certified, offering lossless playback at 24bit/96kHz, and will boast HDMI eARC connections as well as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatibility.

Elsewhere LG is keen to emphasise the environmental considerations that have gone into the construction, performance and packaging of its new soundbars. The SP11RA, SP9YA, SP8YA, SP7Y are the first audio products ever to receive SGS Eco Product Certification, which apparently recognises the company's use of recycled materials in the construction of the soundbars themselves, as well as recyclable packaging.  

New LG soundbar models including SP11RA, SP9YA, SP8YA, SP7Y and SPD7Y will begin rolling out this month in Europe and North America, with additional models coming later this year.


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