LG to provide Sky with 3D TVs for public broadcasts

LG has issued a "clarification" on the original press release it issued, saying now that the quoted figure of 15,000 TVs was "inaccurate".

"A previous release issued on March 16th referenced a commercial deal to supply 15,000 3D TVs to Sky. LG Electronics would like to further clarify the situation. The figure of 15,000 3D TVs is inaccurate. Sky is helping support its commercial customers purchase TVs direct from a UK third party."

LG says it will supply 3D TVs nationwide to support the launch of Sky 3D, Europe's 3D TV channel, but now won't say how many TVs are involved. Sounds like someone's had their knuckles rapped.

Sky 3D goes live in pubs and clubs in April, and will be available to domestic Sky subscribers later this year.

Published 16.03.10

LG is to provide Sky with 15,000 3D TVs for the broadcaster to use in public venues across the UK this year.

Sky plans to install the sets in advance of plans to broadcast weekly Premier League matches in 3D beginning 'this spring' – we're looking to confirm some of the dates just as soon as we can.

Sky 3D, Europe's first dedicated 3D TV channel, is set for launch in April, and you can read our blog about the broadcaster's trial of live 3D football earlier this year.

LG screens, which use the passive 3D system, will be the final piece in the jigsaw – those of you who saw the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision demo at the Bristol Show will have seen them in action.

“LG wants to enable more customers to experience 3D TV technology in action,” said Havis Kwon, executive vice president and head of the LCD division of LG.

“Watching live 3D sports broadcasts... will help consumers become more familiar with 3D TVs and that can only be a positive for the industry and innovation.”

In addition to Sky, LG has also struck deals with other partners around the world as part of its strategy to highlight sporting events on its 3D TVs.

Earlier this month, LG announced a deal to supply 3D TVs to India's Valuable Group, the biggest media and entertainment company in India, for broadcast of the final four cricket matches of the Indian Premier League in April.

In the US, LG is teaming up with CBS Sports and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to deliver the Men's “Final Four” basketball championship games in 3D.

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