LG Display teases rollable 65in 4K OLED screen

LG Display has been teasing us with its versatile OLED screens for years now, and we've seen evidence of just how flexible, transparent and rollable they can be. Most of these have been prototypes or used only for advertising signage, although the company's flagship W7 "Wallpaper" TV did come to market in 2017.

But this showstopping technology has gone one step further with the news of a completely rollable 65in OLED screen with 4K Ultra HD resolution from LG Display.

The screen can switch between 21:9 and 16:9 aspect ratios at the press of a button so you can use all of the screen or just part of it, depending on what's being displayed. When it's not in use you can simply roll it up out of sight.

Could you imagine a future where you roll-up your cutting-edge TV and take it round to a friend's house for the big game? There's no doubt the idea of flexible displays has legs, especially for smaller devices and screens used in smaller environments like a car. Who knows what display tech we'll be having installed in our smart homes over the next few years?

Stay tuned as we attempt to hunt down this rollable telly on the CES 2018 show floor...

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