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We knew OLED screens could be flexible but did you realise LG's flagship OLED TV could bend and wobble quite like this?

LG took the wraps off its 2017 TV range this week, giving us more details on its 4K OLED and HD TV offerings for the year ahead.

Taking pride of place at the top of the pile is the LG Signature OLED W7, affectionately known as the "Wallpaper" TV due, we assume, to its ultra-thin panel and stick-on wall-mount design.

But arguably, it has a more striking party trick. As shown in our video below, which was shot as LG's recent press event, the screen is flexible enough to be, well, wobbled, without any apparent damage to the screen.

Useful? Arguably not. Impressive technology and, frankly, pretty cool? We think so. And while you may not find the flex much use once it's on your wall, the fact it can sit so flush to the wall certainly makes for a very neat solution.

And it goes to show how far TV technology has come. 15 years ago our Award-winning 28in Philips TV was almost 60cm deep and weighed over 50kg. This 77in LG TV is just 0.5cm thin and weighs 12kg. And it's packed full of all the latest TV technology. 

Impressive, eh? No wonder LG has plans to double flexible OLED production...

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Gilboa's picture


This is interesting and probably very expensive tech! Personally I'm more interested In Samsung's new for 2017 QLED TVs, which will probably be just as expensive and as out of reach. We'll see...

Graham Luke's picture


Just like Rolf Harris' Wobble Board...oh, right. Sorry.