LG Optimus 3D
LG Optimus 3D smartphone offers 3D videos and gaming without glasses; Optimus Pad 3D tablet to run on Android Honeycomb

More smartphone news pouring out of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, this time in the shape of LG's glasses-free 3D Optimus, due on sale in the UK from May.

It's designed to allow users to watch 3D videos without wearing glasses (hurrah!), as well as capture 3D content themselves using a special double camera on the back of the phone.

To make it easire for consumers to share 3D content online, LG has struck a partneship deal with YouTube (see today's earlier news story).

Technical details for the Optimus 3D released so far are:

• Android platform• Glasses-free LCD panel for 3D viewing• Record, watch and game• 3D enabling dualcore processor TI OMAP 4• Full HD 2D (1080p)/3D (720p) video playback• 4.3in stereoscopic screen (2D in normal use)• Dual stereoscopic 5MP cameras• Mini HDMI output• YouTube 3D• 3 Pre-loaded games

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LG has also announced a new tablet, the 8.9in Optimus Pad, which also offers 3D – but not without glasses – and will run on Android Honeycomb.

It too has two 5MP cameras for shooting your own 3D video, which you can watch back on the 1280x768 resolution screen or punt through to your 3D TV using the mini HDMI port.

3G and wi-fi are standard, as is 32GB of storage. The LG Optimus Pad will arrive in the UK this April, a month earlier than the Optimus 3D phone.

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