Lexicon joins IMAX Enhanced program as support and content grow

Lexicon is the latest manufacturer to partner with the IMAX Enhanced program, having just introduced the IMAX Enhanced MC-10 processor, and RV-9 and RV-6 receivers.

Support for the new licensing and certification home entertainment program, which combines 4K HDR content digitally re-mastered by IMAX with DTS’ premium audio technologies (such as DTS:X), has been steadily growing since it was announced last September. 

Lexicon joins Sony Electronics, Sound United (parent company of Denon and Marantz), Arcam, Elite, Integra, TCL, Onkyo and Pioneer, as well as Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Rakuten TV and FandangoNOW, in the backing of the technology, so IMAX is certainly making encouraging waves in the home cinema consumer space, both with hardware and content.

We’re yet to see an IMAX Enhanced presentation through an IMAX Enhanced system, but we hope that won’t be the case for long. After all, the content is here, and coming. 

In December, IMAX documentaries Journey to the South Pacific and A Beautiful Planet were the first IMAX Enhanced Ultra HD Blu-ray discs to be released. 

Sony Pictures will release Venom and Alpha and 13 other confirmed titles via digital retailers, and Paramount Pictures will launch its initial titles this year too.

How will it compare to Dolby's established Atmos and Vision presentations? We look forward to finding out.


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