Lenco's LS-50 turntables want you to feel the groove through animated lights

Lenco LS-50 turntable
(Image credit: Lenco)

Swiss audio brand Lenco has announced the latest additions to its line-up of affordable all-in-one turntables. All the models in the new LS-50 range include in-built speakers, while the LS-50LED also features colour changing LED lighting under the platter that synchronises to your music and saves you having to put the lights on.

Lenco recently launched the similarly accessible 400 series of turntables in January, with prices starting at £220 (around $288 / AU$384), but the new LS-50 models are even cheaper, starting at only £130 (around $170 / AU$227). Unlike the 400s, which feature four speakers, the LS-50 turntables only include a pair of drivers hidden in the front legs, and there's also no Bluetooth connectivity.

All five models in the range have a belt-driven mechanism with adjustable speed options of 33 1/3, 45 or 78 RPM, a wooden build and a 300mm platter. Each turntable also sports a ceramic cartridge, mechanical arm lift and an adjustable counterweight to modify the needle pressure. There's also a USB port to give users the option of digitising their records and an RCA output to connect external speakers.

Lenco LS-50

(Image credit: Lenco)

The LS-50LED is priced at £150 (around $196 / AU$262) and comes in a black finish. Its LED lights can be animated to sync up with the beat of whatever music is playing or to auto-fade if preferred. Users can also manually choose their favourite of the seven colour options or turn off the feature altogether. Meanwhile, the non-illuminated Lenco LS-50 is available in wood, grey, pink and turquoise colourways, priced at £130 (around $170 / AU$227).


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