Lenco launches two affordable turntables in the UK

Lenco launches two affordable turntables in the UK
(Image credit: Lenco)

Lenco has decided to mark its 76th birthday by launching two highly affordable turntables – one for home use, the other aimed at DJs.

Let's start with the home one. The Lenco L-92WA (above) is a belt-driven turntable with a built-in cover to stop your vinyl from getting dusty on the platter. Thanks to its integrated preamplifier and pre-installed Audio Technica cartridge (the AT3600, if you're interested), it'll work straight out of the box with no accessories needed.

The belt drive comes with a robust aluminium platter that promises improved stability. There's also an anti-skating feature and a built-in strobe light so you can see where the needle is without having to turn the light on. It has two speed settings: 33RPM and 45RPM.

Once the record finishes, the auto-return features automatically lifts the tonearm off the record and takes it back to its original position.

The L-92WA costs £249 from Gear4Music and direct from Lenco.

Lenco launches two affordable turntables in the UK

(Image credit: Lenco)

Now, the DJ deck. This is the Lenco L-3809, and it's intended for DJs and professional use. It's a direct-drive model, complete with a mechanical arm and a built-in phono preamp, so can be hooked up to a mixer or stereo setup.

A built-in pitch fader lets you tweak the turntable speed, while there's also lighting and a stroboscope built-in. It's equipped for recording straight to MP3 too using the supplied USB cable, so you can digitise your record collection and store mixes for listening back. 

The Lenco L-3809 costs £239 and is available direct from Lenco, HMV and Gear4Music.


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