Legendary high street record store Our Price is making a comeback

An Our Price high street store
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Our Price is coming back! The UK chain was once the nation's second biggest music retailer behind Woolworths, with over 300 stores. When it returns tomorrow, 30th April, it will be an online-only affair, but still, more music retailers has got to be good news.

"For two decades Our Price has held a special place in the heart of many, reads a statement on the Our Price website. "Today, we’re thrilled to announce we’re making a comeback! 

"Get ready to discover the value and excitement you loved about Our Price as we gear up for a grand re-launch on the 30th April 2024."

It also includes the original Our Price slogan: Mad about music – get down to Our Price.

Our Price was a high street stalwart from the early 1970s until 2004. The first store was on London's Finchley Road, and it went on to have outlets in such premium locations as Kensington High Street and Chelsea's Kings Road. A spinoff chain, Our Price Video, launched to capitalise on the boom in VHS, but was wound up in 1997.

Our Price was bought by WH Smith in 1986, and then Virgin in 1998, who rebranded over 100 of the stores as Virgin Megastores or VShops. The early 2000s saw Virgin sell off its own-brand stores (which were renamed Zavvi), while the remaining 77 Our Price stores were sold to Brazin Limited for £2. 

A post on the Our Price Facebook page suggests the launch will be a low-key affair, and that the people behind it will have the mindset of an independent record store. Also, it will stock a limited amount of hi-fi and audio gear. The post reads:

"Countdown’s ticking and we’re pumped. And (if I’m honest) pretty jittery. We’re a crew of musos, DJs and enthusiasts reviving a beloved brand. We’re not exactly swimming in cash, so no flashy launch. We’re doing things organically, adding new lines every month. For us, it’s all about good vibes and keeping it personal. 

"Also (and this isn’t PR speak) we want you to be part of the journey. Tell us what you’re into. We want to hear from you. Drop us a line once the site is live telling us what you want from Our Price.

"For day 1 we’ve got about 20,000 vinyl, some very cool tees, and the beginnings of what will ultimately be a carefully curated range of hi-fi and audio equipment. It’s going to be great."

It's just a shame it couldn't relaunch in time for Record Store Day on 20th April.

What are you hoping for from Our Price? Let us know in the comments or on the forum.


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  • unfocused
    Vinyl only?
  • Friesiansam
    What Hi-Fi? said:
    We’re a crew of musos, DJs and enthusiasts reviving a beloved brand.
    Which means Our Price is not really coming back, it’s a new company that has bought the rights to the brand. Unless they add CDs to their range, I’m not interested anyway.