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KOREA/USA: Samsung eyes acquisition of cloud streaming provider mSpot

Reports from Korea say that Samsung is all set to buy California-based content provider mSpot (above).

The Palo Alto company specialises in cloud-based services providing content including music, movies and radio, and its acquisition would help boost Samsung's offering for users of its smartphones and tablet PCs.

Among the services mSpot offers to users of mobile phones including the iPhone and Blackberry is real-time streaming of Hollywood movies, which can be watched without any need for downloading. It currently caters for around 30 mobile devices.

The company, which also delivers streaming music, has recently moved into the movie arena, and is already being talked about as a rival to Netflix.

It has over 6m subscribers, and it's already thought that Samsung may seek to extend the service to its smart TVs should the takeover be successful.

Samsung has confirmed that talks are in hand, saying 'We dispatched a working group to Palo Alto, California - headquarters of mSpot - to discuss the acquisition.'

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