Samsung 3D TV
LED-backlit 3D LCD models due to go on sale worldwide in March

Reports in Korea today suggest that LG and Samsung, the two leaders in the global TV market, are set to have the jump on their Japanese rivals when it comes to launching 3D TVs in the shops.

The Korean companies will each launch two LED-backlit LCD TVs with 3D capability next month, both in their domestic markets and overseas, the reports say, with Samsung hitting the shops as soon as the week after next and LG following by the end of March.

That puts them almost a month ahead of Panasonic, which has previously said it will launch 3D TVs in Japan on April 23, and the move looks set to be the first shot in a 3D battle between the Japanese and Korean TV manufacturers.

Samsung is bullish about the prospects for 3D TV, saying it plans to sell 2m sets this year, twice as many as the two big Japanese 3D players – Panasonic and Sony – are each predicting.

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