Toshiba no glasses 3D
Autostereoscopic design uses integral processing, can change image with viewing angle

Just announced in Japan is a 21in 3D monitor display from Toshiba, not only able to be viewed without glasses, but also capable of offering changing perspective according to the viewing angle.

This not only removes the potential for fatigue when viewing through glasses, but also allows the display to maintain brightness as well as low energy consumption.

And that shifting perspective, achieved by a 'multi-parallax' approach, allows it to offer effects conventional 3D TVs are unable to achieve even with glasses, making it suitable for advertising displays where users may be viewing it while passing by.

The company says that ' In some previous integral imaging implementations, if the number of pixels in the display is kept constant and not increased, then the multi-parallax approach will reduce the effective resolution of the 3D display in an inverse proportion to the number of parallax positions.

'We have addressed this problem by applying LTPS (low-temperature poly-silicon) technology to develop an ultra-high-definition LCD module for this newly-introduced high-definition and large-screen 3D display.'

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