Is it just me, or is iTunes psychic?

Ever set iTunes to random then had it come up with an inspired playlist of its own? The very same thing has just happened to me, writes Clare Newsome, setting me to wondering just how far that Apple system-snooping goes...

I'm sitting here at home, with the biggest thunderstorm and deluge I can remember raging outside the window. I'm attempting to read, backed by my iTunes library randomly being pumped out via the hi-fi system. Then, with a dramatic flash of lightning, it suddenly went a bit weird.

At first I smiled when The Doors' Riders on the Storm flicked on - remembering the multichannel music version with the rain falling behind your head. No need for that with real-life accompaniment outside.

The Great British Summer in action, as captured on cameraphone 5 minutes ago - that's not camera-shake, just downpour. Note optimistic April purchase of garden furniture....

When Rain by The Beatles was served up next, I laughed at the coincidence. But when it was followed by Meck's Thunder in My Heart, I started to worry. By the time REM's The End of the World As We Know it came on, I was seriously spooked.

Maybe iTunes then realised it'd gone too far, because some early Elvis came on to soothe me. Mind you, if it had been When it rains, it really pours, I think I would have ran from the room!

Anyone else had a psychic jukebox experience?