With new categories and a change to the way we reveal the winners, we've revamped the What Hi-Fi? Awards for 2017

Last year we celebrated 40 years of What Hi-Fi? and 40 years of providing the best possible buying advice in print and online.

The annual What Hi-Fi? Awards have been a cornerstone of what we do, highlighting the very best products on the market, across an increasingly broad range of products. And so, of course, the What Hi-Fi? Awards are back for 2017 - but with a few key changes.

Change of format

This year's Award-winners will be announced online on Tuesday 10th October - less than a month to go now! These will be our Best Buy recommendations across all the product categories we cover, and at a range of prices. 

The What Hi-Fi? Awards ceremony will then take place on Wednesday 15th November. Here we will reveal our Products of the Year for the first time - the overall winners in each category - while also celebrating all the winning products of 2017.

The Product of the Year winners will be simultaneously revealed online on the night and you'll be able to follow along live on social media. As is now customary, the special Awards edition of the magazine will go on sale on the following day, Thursday 16th November. (Or if you subscribe, it will land on your door mat.)

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New categories

There will also be three new categories; Innovation of the Year, Outstanding Contribution, and Hall of Fame. 

The Innovation of the Year Award will allow us to highlight a key new technology, while the Outstanding Contribution will recognise the people behind the products. The Hall of Fame will see us adding one new product a year to our existing list of the top 40 What Hi-Fi? products of the last 40 years

As well as our favourite products, from turntables to TVs, speakers to streamers, we will once again be asking you to vote for your product of the year, as part of our 2017 Readers' Award. 

So circle those dates in your diary, start saving for that special purchase, and get your thinking hat on for this year's Readers' Award.

In the meantime, we've got a whole host of brand new products to get on with testing...


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And the award for best

And the award for best earbuds goes to....

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...and best envelope full of cash, and best tablet that won't play music through it's USB, and most gullible reader award and ... Biggrin