The 6 Cyber Monday OLED TV deals actually worth considering, chosen by a TV and AV Editor

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It's been a frantic few days of Black Friday TV deals, and the fun isn't over yet. We're now into Cyber Monday, which means there are still extraordinary TV deals to be snapped up before the clock strikes midnight.

And I do mean 'extraordinary'. I realise there can be a lot of cynicism around sales events such as this, but I personally keep track of the prices of most of the best TVs as part of my job, and I can tell you hand on heart that the deals I've flagged below are the real deal – by which I mean they're all excellent TVs that are either at their lowest-ever price or are very close.

And just what is my job, I hear you ask? I'm What Hi-Fi?'s TV and AV Editor. I've been reviewing TVs (and soundbars, AVRs, speakers and a lot more besides) for over 16 years. I'm obsessed with TVs especially, and I've always been more interested in the models that deliver the best performance-per-pound rather than just the flagships. Great picture quality shouldn't be the preserve of the wealthy, after all.

Anyway, that's enough about me. You want the deals! So, with no further ado, these are the very best OLED TV deals available right now, personally recommended by me.

P.S. Yes, there are a lot of LG OLED TVs on the list – that's not because I personally love LG OLEDs over all others (although they do tend to be pretty great) but because LG is both the most prolific manufacturer of OLED models and the most aggressive with its pricing.

LG OLED42C3 2023 OLED TV was £1499

LG OLED42C3 2023 OLED TV was £1499 now £889 at Peter Tyson (save £610)
While it's yet to hit the ludicrously low levels that its predecessor hit last year, this is the cheapest the 42-inch LG C3 has ever been and we can't see it going much lower. This is simply the best TV available at this size, both in terms of picture performance and features. The sound lets it down somewhat, but hopefully this discount leaves a little money for a soundbar. What Hi-Fi? Award winner

LG OLED48C2 2022 OLED TV was £1399

LG OLED48C2 2022 OLED TV was £1399 now £898 at PRC Direct (save £501)
For barely any extra money over the 42-inch C3, you can pick up a 48-inch LG C2. In performance and features terms there's very little between the two TVs, so I absolutely recommend going to this C2 deal if you have the space.

LG OLED55C3 2023 OLED TV  was £2100

LG OLED55C3 2023 OLED TV was £2100 now £1195 at Sevenoaks (save £905)
The LG C3 isn't much of an improvement on the C2 it replaced and, on balance, the Sony A80L below is a better TV and worth the extra money, particularly if you're not going to buy a dedicated sound system (the C3 doesn't sound great). That said, if you can't stretch to the A80L deal or if you're a hardcore gamer, this C3 deal is the one to get.

Sony XR-55A80L 2023 OLED TV £2399

Sony XR-55A80L 2023 OLED TV £2399 £1399 at Sevenoaks (save £1000)
One of the biggest surprises of 2023 so far, the Sony A80L uses standard OLED technology to amazing effect, delivering a performance that balances the spectacular with the cinematically subtle with absolute aplomb. It's still more expensive than the equivalent LG C3, even with this discount, but it delivers an even better picture and sound performance and is worth the extra money.

LG OLED65G2 2022 OLED TV  was £3299

LG OLED65G2 2022 OLED TV was £3299 now £1499 at Richer Sounds (save £1700)
Hands-down my favourite deal of the year so far, the 65-inch version of last year's LG G2 is now at its lowest-ever price. Unlike the C3, the G2 has an extra heatsink that boosts brightness. It also has a picture frame-like design that makes it ideal for mounting on a wall. In fact, there's no pedestal stand in the box. To get this deal you need to be a Richer Sounds VIP, but joining is quick and free.

LG OLED77C3 2023 OLED TV  £4000

LG OLED77C3 2023 OLED TV £4000 now £2699 at Sevenoaks (save £1201)
The 77-inch version of the LG C3 has the same great picture performance and flawless gaming feature set as the smaller models but with an extra helping of cinematic awesomeness thanks to the huge size. If you have the space, this is the TV for you.

Tom Parsons

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