IFA NEWS: Sony's Pocky system is choc-full of features

Sony Pocky

And not just any snack: Pocky, which is a slim chocolate-dipped pretzel stick, is the subject of almost unnatural cravings on the part of our esteemed Brand Director – woe betide anyone who heads to points East and returns without at least a couple of packs!

Anyway, Sony's chosen the name simply because the super-slim speakers used for the system look just like Pocky sticks when mounted on their floor-stands (they can also be used wall-mounted – as in the picture – or on desk-stands).

The speakers are made possible by new ultra-compact drive units just 16mm wide, and as if all that wasn't enough the rears are wireless, too. For another view of the system see our Sony IFA round-up story here.

Built into the main control unit is a Blu-ray player with 1080p/24fps, Deep Color and x.v.Color capability, Dolby Digital Plus/TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding, and also video upscaling and upconversion for DVDs and external sources hooked up via its twin HDMI inputs and analogue video connections.

There are also analogue and digital audio inputs, and the player is BD-Live-Ready, with a simple download via the Ethernet port and the addition of USB memory enabling it to access extended content for movie releases.

The system has 700W of Sony's 32-bit S-Master amplification, the company Digital Cinema Auto-Calibration and a DM Port to allow the connection of anything from an iPod to a wi-fi network.

Pricing information is expected nearer the on-sale date.