IFA 2011: Onkyo unveils quartet of hi-fi components

Onkyo A-9070 amp £900

It's nice to see some traditional hi-fi components here at IFA, and new from Onkyo are four stereo components.

The range comprises the A-9070 stereo amplifier (£900), C-7070 CD player (£450), T-4070 network tuner (£700) and high-end A-9000R stereo amp (£1300), a descendant of the P-3000R preamp and M-5000R power amp launched last year.

The A-9070 can perform in four modes – as an integrated amp, a power amp, a preamp or as a split preamp/power amp, depending on your system requirements.

It's a parallel push-pull design, with three-stage inverted Darlington circuitry, Wolfson 192kHz/24-bit DACs and MM/MC phono stage.

Onkyo C-7070 CD player £450

The matching C-7070 CD player features vibration-damping brass legs, a rigid 1.6mm thick base panel, full-floating circuitboard and the same Wolfson 192kHz/24-bit DACs.

Users can connect an iPod/iPhone to the player via the USB port, which can also be used to play back music stored on flash memory drives.

And if radio is your first love, the T-4070 standalone tuner not only has FM and DAB+ as standard, but can also connect to a home network for listening to internet radio stations and streaming services such as Spotify.

Onkyo T-4070 network tuner £700

Completing the quartet is the upmarket A-9000R amplifier which includes A-WRAT technology, Onkyo's newly developed Dynamic Intermodulation Distortion Reduction circuitry and USB playback of high-definition audio.

It differs from the A-9070 in that it uses a quad push-pull design and larger capacitors, but like its sibling it can be configured in one of four different modes.

All four models will be available from October in silver or black.

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