Icon Audio Stereo 25
Icon Audio's £499 Stereo 25 valve amp was designed in the UK by company founder David Shaw and inspired by the late H J Leak

Designed by David Shaw, founder of Icon Audio, the Stereo 25 valve amplifier is on sale now for £499. The chassis is built in China, with final assembly, custom modifications and testing taking place the UK.

Like other Icon Audio amps, the basic design is a hand-built, point-to-point wired circuit inspired by those of the late H J Leak.

The Class A triode front end feeds an output stage which uses an EL34 output valve operating in "Ultralinear" mode to deliver 30w RMS. Icon claims the Stereo 25 can drive the majority of loudspeakers "to impressive levels with grip, authority and natural musicality".

Icon Audio offers a range of options including a 15w triode output version, "Jenson" copper foil in paper and oil capacitors, and the Stereo 25 can use a wide range of output valves, including: 6L6, EL34, 6CA7, KT66, KT88 and 6550.

Other key technical highlights include:

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* Class A, all triode front end

* Soft-start circuit

* Teflon insulated silver audio cable

* Custom, hand-wound output transformers

* Gold-plated input and loudspeaker terminals

* Valve cover included

* 12 month warranty

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