i-box Ellipsis: an Alexa-enabled, completely cable-free smart speaker

No worktop space for even a little Amazon Echo Dot? Struggling to tuck cables away neatly? Want Alexa to hear you everywhere?

If the answer is 'yes' to even one of the above, you might want to consider the i-box Ellipsis.

Essentially it’s an Echo Dot-like smart speaker offering Amazon Alexa functionality, from music playback (from Amazon Music or Spotify, for example), to providing news and weather updates, to controlling smart home devices. Only instead of having a cable and needing somewhere to sit, it plugs straight into a power socket.

i-box argues this allows an Ellipsis to be plugged into places where it’s harder to accommodate a regular cable-including smart speaker – such as a hallway – and thus can cover more areas where your voice commands can be heard. Up to eight can be connected to one network.

The Ellipsis supposedly uses the surface of the wall to help amplify and spread sound coming from its built-in speaker. It also comes with an Android- and iOS-compatible app that facilitates set-up and control.

The i-box Ellipsis will be available next month (August) priced at £60.


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Becky Roberts

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