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Humax Aura update brings Apple TV and performance perks

Humax Aura freeview box
(Image credit: Humax)

Humax has unleashed a firmware update for its Humax Aura PVR so that the on-board Android smart platform now includes built-in access to the Apple TV app. That firmly rips off the lip to a whole can of pay-as-you-go 4K HDR film and TV content without the need for casting or any extra box or dongle.

The Humax Aura firmware update 9.21 also adds support for Sky's Now service, through Chromecast, which brings access to a menu of films, entertainment and sports events as and when you need. That leaves Netflix as the only gaping hole in this 4K Freeview Play recorder's platform, with the absent Britbox and Apple Music services more of a minor grumble.

Along with the apps is a tweak to the look and feel of the Aura UI, with enhancements to the menus and recommendations of the Top Picks and Now & Next sections. Holding down the Apps button on the remote will bring speedy access to your recently used apps and display your most watched content options.

On the video side, Humax has promised improvements to upscaling with sharper edges and less blur, but the main AV upgrades are more on the audio side.  

Users can now apply more lip sync fixes, including issues on apps such as YouTube and Prime Video. There's also support, via the HDMI port, for passthrough of more DTS and Dolby formats, with Atmos among them, and these features are also enabled when using media player software such as VLC, Kodi and Plex.

You can read the full list of Humax Aura firmware update 9.21 fixes on the Humax website. The update will be pushed out automatically when the product is in standby or can be activated manually through the settings menus.


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